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Reclaim Control and Maximize Security with Horus GPS

Empowering Financing Companies to Protect Their Investments

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Active Kill Switch


Horus GPS Features:

Route Planning


Safety Alerts


Geo-Fence Alarms


Non-Invasive Installation


Who We Are?

CDL Protect is a leader in providing advanced security and fleet management solutions. Our flagship product, Horus GPS, ensures the safety and efficient management of vehicles through cutting-edge technology.​​​

See Horus GPS in Action

Introduction Video: Watch our explainer video to see how Horus GPS can transform your vehicle management and security.

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The Rising Threat of Vehicle Theft


✅ A vehicle is stolen every 32 seconds in the US.
✅ Over $8 billion lost annually to theft.

✅ Common Scenario: A new driver disconnects the ELD, blocks calls, and vanishes with your truck.

✅Local authorities label it a civil matter, leaving you with $10,000 - $50,000 in repossession and repair costs.

Why Choose Horus GPS?

Theft Prevention and Unauthorized Use: The Active Kill Switch feature allows you to remotely immobilize vehicles, preventing theft and unauthorized use, crucial for financed vehicles.

Encouraging Timely Payments: Monitoring vehicle usage and having the ability to immobilize the vehicle can motivate timely payments from borrowers, ensuring better compliance and reducing delinquency rates.

Simplified Repossession: Easily locate and immobilize vehicles for repossession, reducing the time and resources needed for this process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

STOP! There’s a Better Way!

Introducing the Horus 3800:
✅ Immediate Control: Remotely immobilize your vehicle, even if it’s moving.
✅ Prevent Theft and Unauthorized Use: Eliminate costly disruptions.
✅ Quick Repossession: Locate and immobilize your vehicles in seconds.

Untitled design (4).png
Untitled design (4).png

Key Features of Horus GPS for Premium Financing

CDL Protect is a leader in providing advanced security and fleet management solutions. Our flagship product, Horus GPS, ensures the safety and efficient management of vehicles through cutting-edge technology.​​​

Horus GPS Features:​​​

✅ Active Kill Switch: Stop the vehicle instantly.Geo-Fence Alarms: Get alerts for unauthorized movements.

✅ Route Planning: Optimize routes and enhance safety.Safety Alerts: Stay informed about critical safety issues.Non-Invasive Installation: Doesn’t interfere with internal systems.

✅ Privacy Protection: Tailored role creation to exclude redundant information and ensure end-user privacy. API-ready for seamless integration.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Client Testimonials: Success stories from other clients in similar industries.
Data: Improvements in security, payment compliance, and repossession efficiency.

Financial and Operational Benefits

Cost Savings: By reducing losses from theft and unauthorized use, Horus GPS helps protect valuable assets and reduce financial risks.

Efficiency: The streamlined repossession process saves time and resources, making it easier to recover assets.

Increased Revenue: Encouraging timely payments through monitoring and control features helps improve cash flow and reduce delinquencies.

Seamless Integration and Ongoing Support

Ease of Integration: Horus GPS can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems. Our versatile Embed feature and Native API ensure a smooth digital connection, enhancing functionality and streamlining operations.

Ongoing Support: CDL Protect offers dedicated support during and after implementation, ensuring a smooth transition and continued efficiency. Our team is always available to assist with any issues or questions.

Take Control with Horus GPS

Conclusion: Horus GPS offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your premium financing operations. The Active Kill Switch and other features provide significant security, operational, and financial benefits.

Call to Action: Schedule a demo or a meeting with our team to discuss further details and explore how Horus GPS can be integrated into your operations. Secure Your Investment, Reduce Risks, and Streamline Operations with Horus 3800!

Contact Information: Include a contact form and company contact details.

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