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  • How can I get started today?
    To get started with our Horus GPS solution, please contact our sales department for the best pricing options for your needs. Our platform also features a secure server, user-friendly and modern design, comprehensive analytics that allow you to focus on any aspect of fleet management, and reports and charts provided in multiple formats on request. We also offer the ability to create sub-accounts with customized access and authorizations, making it easy to manage your fleet and prevent malicious actions from previous office employees or contractors.
  • Does your device/technology cause conflicts with other vehicle systems or ELD devices?
    No, when properly installed, our device will not cause conflicts with other vehicle systems or ELD devices.
  • Can your devices prevent theft and how?
    Yes, it can. We offer a variety of alerts to help prevent theft, including an ignition alarm that sends an alert when the vehicle ignition is turned on, a movement alert that sends an alert when the vehicle starts moving, and geo-fencing alerts that can be set to notify you when the vehicle exits or enters a specified location. These alerts can be received via email or text message, and we also offer a "RIPS feature" remote vehicle power switch" that allows you to take control of your vehicle from anywhere using our web platform or mobile app.
  • What makes this GPS solution better than others on the market?
    Our Horus GPS solution offers several key advantages over other GPS monitoring solutions on the market. Our devices feature hidden and hardwired installation, which makes them more difficult to find and disconnect. We also offer a remote vehicle power switch feature, giving you greater control over your vehicle. Additionally, our devices are purposefully designed to avoid any conflicts with other vehicle systems or ELD devices, which can cause problems with other GPS solutions.
  • Do you offer any warranty?
    Yes, we offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty on our GPS devices terms available upon request
  • Who can purchase this device?
    Our GPS devices are available to vehicle owners, and we require proof of ownership to activate the device.
  • How much Horus GPS costs?
    Our aim at Horus is to provide flexible and cost-effective GPS solutions for our customers. Here's a look at our pricing structure for the Horus 3800 GPS device: Free Device Option: We offer the Horus 3800 device for free with a 14-month subscription plan, starting at just $35 per month. This is perfect for those looking to spread the cost over a longer term. One-Time Payment: If you prefer to pay all at once, we offer the Horus 3800 for a single payment of $490. After the first year, you will then need to renew your subscription at a reduced rate of just $19 per month. These pricing options ensure that the Horus 3800 GPS device can be affordable for businesses of all sizes. For more information or for queries regarding pricing for larger fleets, feel free to reach out to our sales team.
  • It compatible with my vehicle?
    Currently, we only have mechanic shop service providers in the state of Illinois, and their installation fee ranges between $100 and $200.
  • Who takes care of the installation?
    You can install the device yourself or take your vehicle to a mechanic and provide them with the wiring diagram and instructions. We also offer a wiring diagram and instructions for self-installation.
  • Do you have solutions for cars?
    Yes, we offer GPS solutions for both trucks and cars
  • How much does it cost to have a mechanic install the device?
    Currently, we only have mechanic shop service providers in the state of Illinois, and their installation fee ranges between $100 and $200.
  • What happens if I sell the vehicle?
    If you sell the vehicle, please notify the new owner of the anti-theft device when the equipment is paid off and provide us with the buyer's name and phone number. We will contact the buyer to give them access to the account and transfer billing to their name
  • How does the tire health monitoring feature work?
    Horus GPS incorporates an advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), which provides real-time updates on tire pressure and temperature. This feature helps to reduce maintenance costs, improve safety, and prolong tire lifespan by alerting you to potential tire issues before they become problematic.
  • How easy is it to install and set up Horus GPS?
    Horus GPS is designed with user-friendly installation in mind. Many features, like the tire pressure monitoring system, require no tools for installation. Plus, our team is always ready to assist with setup and to answer any questions you may have. For any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support team. We're here to help you make the most of your Horus GPS experience.
  • What is the range of vehicles that Horus GPS can support?
    Horus GPS is a versatile platform that can support a wide range of vehicles, from cars and vans to large fleets of semi-trucks. It also includes solutions for vehicles with different trailer configurations.
  • I use self-inflating tires for my fleet. Why would i need, and what it can Horus Online Tire Management Solution offer me?
    While self-inflating tires are a significant advancement, they don't cover all aspects of tire management. Here's why the Horus Online Tire Management Solution remains a critical addition to your fleet management: Real-Time Monitoring: Horus TPMS provides instant information about tire pressure and temperature. This data is essential as even self-inflating tires can become under or over-inflated due to ambient temperature fluctuations or possible leaks. Tire Performance Data: By monitoring pressure and temperature over time, Horus TPMS provides insights into your tire performance. This data helps you make informed decisions about tire maintenance and replacement. Fuel Efficiency: Properly inflated tires can enhance fuel efficiency. Even though self-inflating tires maintain pressure, they don't offer the real-time data required to optimize pressure for varying loads and conditions. Safety: Under-inflated tires may overheat, resulting in tread separation and blowouts. Horus TPMS aids in preventing these dangerous incidents by alerting you to pressure and temperature anomalies in real-time. Predictive Maintenance: The system offers alerts for potential slow leaks or imminent tire failures. This feature allows you to intervene before these issues cause costly downtime or hazardous blowouts. GPS Tracking: Beyond tire management, the Horus system includes GPS tracking, giving you real-time location updates and historical travel data for your fleet. Anti-Theft Features: The system incorporates a remote engine kill switch, allowing you to immobilize a vehicle if theft is detected. This function not only aids in the recovery of stolen vehicles but can also deter theft in the first place. In essence, while self-inflating tires are an excellent tool, they can't provide the all-encompassing tire management, safety, tracking, and security benefits offered by the Horus Online Tire Management Solution.
  • What is Horus (TPMS) Tire Management Solutions?
    Horus TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is an advanced solution designed to continuously monitor and report real-time tire pressure and temperature information. The system is equipped to handle from 4 to 32 tires, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from cars and vans to semi-trucks and fleets. The key advantages of Horus TPMS include: Safety Improvement: By providing real-time alerts about tire pressure and temperature anomalies, it helps prevent dangerous incidents like tire blowouts and overheating that can lead to accidents. Cost Savings: Regular monitoring can extend tire life and improve fuel efficiency, resulting in substantial cost savings. Convenience: It automates tire health checks, saving drivers the time and effort of manually inspecting each tire. Plus, the no-tool installation makes setup a breeze. Predictive Maintenance: The system allows for predictive maintenance, as it alerts you about potential issues before they become major problems. Versatility: Solutions range from online real-time tracking and alerts for fleets to offline solutions perfect for individual drivers. In essence, Horus TPMS is a comprehensive tire management solution that enhances safety, efficiency, and convenience, while also helping to reduce maintenance costs and prevent downtime.
  • How much Horus (TPMS) Offline solution Costs?
    Our tire monitoring solutions are flexible to accommodate a range of vehicle sizes. Here's our pricing structure: Vehicles with 6 Tires - Secure your vehicle's tire health with our Offline Horus TPMS for a one-time payment of $399. Perfect for vans, pickups, and light-duty trucks. Vehicles with 8 Tires - Protect your 8-tire vehicle with our Offline Horus TPMS for just $499. Ideal for small trucks, buses, and recreational vehicles. Vehicles with 12 Tires - Equip your 12-tire vehicle with our Offline Horus TPMS for only $599. Excellent for medium-duty trucks and commercial vehicles. Vehicles with 18 Tires - Empower your semi-trucks and trailers with our Offline Horus TPMS for a single payment of $679. No recurring fees, just a one-off cost for continual tire health monitoring. Payment plans are available for all our Offline Horus TPMS options to suit different financial requirements. For more information, feel free to reach out to our sales team. Please note: The prices mentioned cover the hardware costs. Additional charges may apply for shipping, handling, and installation. With our Offline Horus TPMS, tire safety is an investment, that is fully tax deductible!
  • How do i install Horus (TPMS) ?
    Installing the Horus TPMS is straightforward and can be completed in several simple steps: External Sensor Installation: Identify the valve stem on each tire where the sensor will be installed. Attach the Horus TPMS external sensor by threading it onto the valve stem until it's secure. Ensure you don't overtighten the sensor as this may damage the valve stem. Repeat this process for all the tires you wish to monitor. Rim Attached Sensor Installation (optional): For vehicles requiring rim attached sensors, contact our sales representatives for detailed instructions. Generally, this type of sensor is clamped to the rim inside the tire. This installation process may require tire removal and should be done by a professional tire service provider. In-Cabin Display Installation: Identify a suitable location in the cabin for the display, ensuring it is in a place that is visible but does not distract while driving. Connect the display according to the wiring diagram provided. This typically involves connecting the device to a suitable power source (often the vehicle's battery) and a ground connection. Secure the display in the chosen location using the provided mounting hardware. Pairing Sensors and Display: Follow the instructions provided to pair each sensor with the display. This process involves setting the display into pairing mode and then activating each sensor. Please note, while the installation process is designed to be straightforward, we understand not everyone feels comfortable doing this kind of work. We recommend seeking professional assistance if you're unsure about any steps. You can contact our sales representatives to request the wiring diagram, get advice, or to find our recommended truck shops for professional installation. Remember, correct installation is vital for the proper function of the Horus TPMS, so if in doubt, don't hesitate to seek professional assistance.
  • What is the Difference for Horus TPMS and other solutions on the market?
    Horus TPMS has several key distinctions that set it apart from other tire pressure monitoring systems in the market: Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts: Horus TPMS provides real-time, accurate data on tire pressure and temperature. It sends instant alerts about any irregularities, allowing for prompt response and prevention of accidents or damage. Easy Trailer-Switch: Just hook-up the new trailer, Horus will automatically recognize and pair your new trailer to your truck. GPS Integration: Horus TPMS can be incorporated with the Horus GPS platform for a comprehensive vehicle monitoring system. This integration provides additional benefits like location tracking and anti-theft features, making it a multi-functional solution. Customizable Alerts: Horus TPMS allows for personalized alert settings based on individual needs. This feature helps to avoid information overload, which is often a problem with other solutions that send generic alerts. Predictive Maintenance Capability: Through advanced technology, Horus TPMS can detect slow leaks or imminent tire failures before they lead to significant problems. This feature helps to avert expensive breakdowns and unnecessary tire replacements, which not all solutions offer. User-Friendly Installation and Interface: Horus TPMS is designed with a simple "no-tool" installation process and an intuitive interface. These features make it accessible to a wide range of users, including those with limited technical skills. Online and Offline Solutions: Unlike many solutions that solely focus on either online or offline monitoring, Horus TPMS offers both. The online solution is perfect for real-time tracking and alerts for fleets, while the offline solution suits individual drivers who may not require continuous tracking. Cost Efficiency: The system aids in maintaining optimal tire pressure, resulting in enhanced fuel efficiency and extended tire life. These benefits lead to considerable cost savings over time. These unique attributes contribute to Horus TPMS being a more comprehensive, user-friendly, and efficient tire monitoring and management system compared to others on the market.
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