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Horus GPS


Cutting Edge Vehicle Monitoring Solutions for Fleets & Individuals

Revolutionize Your Fleet Management
Maximize Efficiency, Safety, and Profitability

HORUS 3800

GPS Tracker with Vehicle Immobilizer

Remote Engine Kill Switch

Real-Time Monitoring

Be the Gatekeeper: Hold the key to your fleet's ignition, no matter where you are. Prevent Theft with a click of a button.

Enable Engine for Use with a click of a button


Always On, Always Watching:  Horus Real-Time Monitoring—because your fleet's security never takes a break.

Define, Monitor, Control: "Geofencing is your silent manager—always monitoring, never intrusive."

Trailer Installation

Any make and Model

One Tracker, Multiple Uses: Same device, extended reach—track your trailers too!

Simple Hardwired Installation

One Size Fits All:  Any make, any model—Horus is the universal choice for tracking.

GPS Tracker with Vehicle Immobilizer
& Real-Time Online "TirePass"

HORUS TireGuard

Includes Everything from Horus3800 Plus:

Real-Time Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring

Real-Time Tire Pressure Alerts

Get instant alerts straight to your device, ensuring optimal tire condition for better fuel efficiency, extended tire life, and most importantly, safer travels.

Avoid tire-related violations and costly downtime, while also extending the life of your tires. An ounce of prevention can save you pounds in repairs and fines

SmartConnect - Trailer Pairing

Dual Monitoring - Online Fleet Monitoring + In-Cab Monitor

Experience seamless operations with SmartConnect Trailer Pairing. Instantly sync your tractor and trailer for real-time monitoring and reporting. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a unified, automated tracking system that optimizes your fleet management.

Our innovative system allows for continuous fleet monitoring through online alerts while also providing in-cab monitor screens for immediate driver awareness.


Anti-Theft Security
Tire Pressure Monitoring

Location History Playback


Draw Geofences directly in the platform, Set Custom notifications to get information every time your truck enters the Geofenced areas, like yards, shipper/receiver or even weight stations.

Temperature and Humidity ICON.png
Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Avoid cargo claims by monitoring temperature and humidity in your trailers.

SMS, Email, Web, or Mobile App Alerts.

Choose how you can get alerts and commend your vehicle.

Revolutionizing Tracking with Power and Precision

Unleashing Control, Security, and Technological Innovation in One Comprehensive Solution

Horus GPS is the embodiment of cutting-edge tracking technology, merging real-time monitoring, remote engine control, and live video streaming to offer a bird's eye view of your business operations. It's more than a GPS—it's your indispensable ally in navigating a secure, connected, and insightful business future.

Web Platform designed for fleets

Unleashing Control, Security, and Technological Innovation in One Comprehensive Solution

Designed for fleets, it offers real-time tracking, efficient route planning, predictive maintenance alerts, and in-depth analytics. Empower your decision-making with immediate, actionable insights, driving safety, efficiency, and profitability. Revolutionize your fleet management with Horus GPS Web Platform - the key to a safer, smarter, and more sustainable future

Horusgps PLATFORM - 3 Different Devices

Versitile Anti-Theft Solutions

​Sedans and SUVs: Ideal for individual car owners or small fleets of vehicles.

Motorcycles and Scooters: Perfect for individual riders or delivery fleets.

Vans and Minivans: Suitable for courier companies, delivery services, or small businesses.

Pickup Trucks: Ideal for construction companies, contractors, or utility companies.

Commercial Trucks: Perfect for logistics companies and transportation services.

Construction Equipment: Suitable for cranes, excavators, loaders, and more.

Online Tire Health monitoring